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Ask The MAM — IMA Reviews

Dear MAM: I’ve been going back to the Internet web site for six months looking for the new web site reviews and nifty fifty. Are they ever coming? What is the deal? Sincerely, Nicole D., New York, NY

Dear Nicole: Quit your bitchin’. The new IMAs and Nifty 50 are up and ready at an all-new redesigned IMA Web Site. In order to get through all the nominated sites and the 250 biggies, plus take a look at every single Nifty nomination takes time. It was definitely a struggle to get them done this year, but I think you will be satisfied with the results and commentary. Of course, setting up this new blog and the MAM took time too. And I’ve got to earn a buck as well. Thanks for writing! Just joking about the “bitchin”…I enjoy the complaining. Sincerely yours, THE MARKETING ATTORNEY

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