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Dear MAM: I get something in the mail almost every day for one law marketing conference or another. Which do you attend?
Thanks for any light you can shed. Sincerely yours, D.G., Orlando, FL

Dear DG: We are obviously on the same mailing lists. I can tell you that I’ve pocketed my cash and do not even consider “conferences” like the Marketing Partner Forum (nothing more than a boondoggle and sponsor-fest) or the LMA National Conference (you would think that it might improve one year; it does not). To be a full LMA member requires a heartbeat and a dues payment, following an ill-conceived plan to self-destruct last year. There seem to be about a dozen other for-profit seminars that rarely look much better.

My advice has not changed much. Look for solid non-legal marketing seminars in your hometown, through the AMA or other organizations. While it might seem like a shameless plug for the non-profit, ABA Law Practice Management section, as chair of the Marketing Core Group, I’ve insisted on high-level programs and speakers. I know first-hand they are not vendor or sponsor-run, and it is worth looking into.

I should also note that some regional LMA chapters offer programs that are far superior than the national organization.
Thanks for writing. Sincerely yours, THE MARKETING ATTORNEY

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