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ASK THE MAM — Martindale Listings

Dear MAM: I was wondering where you stand on Martindale. Is it still a necessary expense? And do people care about ratings and the other things they are selling? Sincerely, J.E., Clark, NJ

Dear J.E.: Repeatedly, in my work with firms and meetings with In-House counsel, Martindale continues to be an important and necessary component for any firm’s marketing effort. The real question is to what extent.

Not only do decision-makers still count on MH as “the” lawyer directory, but many more than you and I would like to think still use the damn books! Why? Habit, age and comfort.

The value of the ratings are much more questionable. Those that rate high are generally those that took the time to make sure they rated high. You have to be pretty lame to try and get yourself a good rating and fail.

In regard to other MH elements. I see very little added-value in many of the added-value items. I prefer to trim the listings (you only need to be found, and subsequently redirected to your full bio on your own web site). I have never met a GC that read the articles or used the other “tools” to any great extent. It is still the ONLY real directory that anyone uses in the industry with any consistency, however.

I hope that answers your question. Yes, you still need to buy the listing. No, you probably do not need to worry about many of the other client service components. Of course, whether your audience is a GC or Johnny Consumer will play a role in how and where you are listed.


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