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Free Online Marketing: Billable hour cost – $468.75

A quick look at my blog will confirm to you that I need to practice what I preach…and that I’m a terrible blogger. The problem with playing in the online world of blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and their brethren is that they do not work for a lot of people like me–that have no billable time left in the day for business development.

Of course, I basically teach business development for a living. So you would think that after a day of yelling at the attorney who tells me he or she can not find the time to market that I might set a better example.

So while preparing a law firm’s lesson plan for a how-to on utilizing social networking effectively, I decided to try and set a better example. First, I negotiated with the wife to take the kids out of the house on a Saturday for a few hours. Second, I in turn had to trade off a weekend visit to the gym to conduct this bold experiment.

I timed how long it took to promote an upcoming CLE speaking gig on a bunch of web sites…at no cost to me but my time…after finding the link to the CLE on the Pennsylvania Bar Institute web site, I proceeded to promote the program on one of my web sites, on this blog, on Avvo, on Justia, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Martindale Hubbell Connected…and 90 minutes later…that one upcoming event had been posted all over the place. My cost in time? $468.75.

I’m going to need to skip a lot of visits to the health club, because I’m probably about three dozen publications and at least another dozen speaking gigs behind…easier said than done.

The moral of the story…pick the one or two places you think will best position your data for success.

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