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NLJ Misses The Boat on Law Firm Web Site Development

If National Law Journal Reporter Lisa Stansky is new to the beat, I’ll give her a pass. Otherwise, the NLJ’s front page story entitled WEBMASTERS was one of the most non-worthy articles I’ve seen in the publication. Thank goodness the 2004-05 IMA Reviews and Nifty Fifty are on the horizon! You can read the “story” for yourself. It basically re-hashes things that were written in, say, 1996 or so. Calling “extranets” a new hot area looked good in articles from before the new millenium. Same goes for stale quotes from “industry experts”. I do not know how much research she did on large law firm web sites, but outside of accurately providing the usual kudos to Greg Siskind and Siskind Susser’s Site, it provided nothing new, and a lot of old…

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