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Super Lawyer’s Kryptonite — NJ Ethics Opinion

In a summer where Superman Returns, it is Super Lawyer getting hit by kryptonite, thanks to the recent ethics opinion from my resident state of New Jersey.

As many of my readers know, I speak at law firms on a weekly basis regarding marketing ethics (usually as in-house CLEs and at retreats). This morning, I was greeted with e-mails and phone calls from about 30 of those firms seeking advice on how this affects them. Especially here in the Northeast, where many New York and Pennsylvania firms have a NJ office.

My general rule of thumb is that firms abide by the strictest state in which they have an office. In many cases, that state is Florida. New Jersey is not far behind. In Iowa, I just say to stop marketing.

In response to many requests, I have prepared a brief memo recapping the New Jersey opinion and its likely effects on marketing ethics, including suggestions on how to proceed with the marketing of many of these “honors” or “designations.” However, this document is only available “by request” and will not be made available on the web. To request a copy, please contact me directly at 856-234-4334 or via e-mail (info @

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