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ABA Law Practice Today — Marketing Your Practice in 60 Minutes or Less

60 MinutesIn serving as an issue editor for the Marketing-themed March 2023 edition of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Today webzine, together with my co-issue editor Jason Marsh, we tried to put together a collection of articles that would prove both timely and informative.

My article contribution, Marketing Your Practice in 60 Minutes or Less, is not rocket science. But people read this stuff (click bait? Perhaps?). And it is designed more to encourage doing something, rather than simply doing nothing. Sometimes I too should follow my own advice. We’re all busy. But if we can just carve out a little time for business development each week, we’ll be the better for it. My wife keeps asking me when I’m going to get around to updating my own website and writing some fresh content. Soon. Soon. Maybe I should do it one hour at a time.

Paula Zirinsky writes on Marketing Opportunities in a Slow Market. And there is nothing more timely than Abbey Block of the Ifrah Law Firm in Washington, DC, writing on Can My Lawyer Be a Robot? We’re reading about issues surrounding artificial intelligence every day now, and the impact that it has, and will have, on the legal profession. Addressing some similar themes but from a total different angle—law marketing and AI—is Chat GPT, Your AI Friend in Content Marketing? For Lawyers, It Depends, by Marina Wilson of Justia.

Since the bulk of our law marketing efforts today sit squarely in the realm of digital marketing, we would be remiss not to go heavy on the subject matter. If you are not Maximizing Google Business Profiles in your practice, than Gyi Tsakalakis guides you through the process, step by step. Jason Marsh writes on How to Evaluate Your Google Ads Campaigns – so important as not to waste precious money on poorly executed PPC efforts.

If Google is the end-all for everything consumer facing online, then LinkedIn is equally if not more important for the business-facing crowd. Colin Walsh writes on LinkedIn For Lawyers – How to Drive Results for Your Firm. LinkedIn focus is yet another area where I talk the talk but fail to deliver for myself. My wife also asks why I did not share something to the LinkedIn audience? Soon. Soon. But she’s right. You probably hit this blog post from an organic search on Google. Or maybe you were looking at my business site at HTMLawyers—and clicked over. But LinkedIn would provide a significant traffic boost, if shared and promoted properly. There is no question that engagement on LI provides great dividends—and at the cost of nothing more than a little of your time.

As the immediate past Editor in Chief of the ABA’s Law Practice Today webzine, I invite any interested contributors to contact me if you are interested in writing for this online publication. An LPT email digest is sent to all ABA members each month. All articles are accessible to the world at large via It might take more than 60 minutes to draft a quality feature, but it is great exposure for your practice and your law firm. I may not have updated my website or fully engaged with LinkedIn, but the marketing benefits of getting published in a highly trafficked online publication gets eyeballs and results.

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