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Temple ESQ. — 10 Tips for Attorney Marketing and Business Development


The magazine for Temple Law School Alumni

Thanks to Patrick Plunkett and Dean Rachel Rebouché at the Temple University Beasley School of Law for thinking of me in contributing the “Top 10 Tips” segment of the Spring 2023 issue of Temple ESQ. In Top 10 Tips for Attorney Marketing and Business Development, I try to boil down a lot of what I do into 10 pithy things totaling around 500 words—not an easy task.

My tips are not rocket science. But as I often like to say, something is better than nothing. And if lawyers struggling to figure out how to market walk away with one thing for a to-do list, then that is something better than nothing.

It brings back a memory of sitting with a law firm partner begging her to do something. Anything. Her partners had brought me to the firm solely to work with her on improving business development. At the risk of someone in the cybersphere figuring out her identity, I’ll keep it vague. But all I asked was for her to accomplish something, anything—partially to justify my fee, but also to accomplish the goal. In the end, I must admit it was a rare flop. She never did do anything—although once sort of promised to write an article. I was told the three-sentence synopsis would be heading my way in about six weeks. Perhaps that should have seriously tempered my expectations. This top 10 list is for all those out there without the time, inclination or burning desire to market a law practice—but might give it a five-minute read and do one thing on the list.

It was also nice to mix both my Temple undergrad education from the Klein College of Media and Communication, with my TU law degree—combining my PR and marketing experiences, with those as an attorney. People know that I’m a loyal alum—Owl Club member, football season ticketholder, Conwell Society donor of two decades-plus, and avid follower of the late, great John Chaney and Temple basketball. Life in North Philly helped shape me, and I’ve enjoyed bringing my kids back to campus repeatedly for games at the Liacouras Center. Temple University remains a great institution and a beacon of opportunity for those in Philadelphia and beyond.

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