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WSJ: Time to Rank the Rankers of Lawyers?

Wall Street Journal You have NO IDEA how much I nodded my head when picking up this morning’s Wall Street Journal and seeing reporter Sara Randazzo’s article on Time to Rank the Rankers of Lawyers? It has seemingly been a huge part of my work days over the past few…


WSJ — No-Frill Legal Services Grow; LegalZoom versus Rocket Lawyer lawsuit requires retaining actual lawyers–forms won’t cut it

In August, I wrote about the Consumer Reports evaluation of online do-it-yourself legal sites (Legal DIY sites no match for a pro). This week, Wall Street Journal reporter Jennifer Smith writes on “No-Frill Legal Services Grow,” addressing many of the same DIY websites. The impetus for the article is the…


WSJ Breaking News: Clients don’t like getting nickeled and dimed

On an obviously slow news Monday, the Wall Street Journal front page touts “Law Firms Face Fresh Backlash Over Fees.” Jennifer Smith reports on the “widespread revolt” over big bills for “legal miscellany.” I can tell you that there is nothing new in this news from much of the last…