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ASK THE MAM — More Verizon Yellow Pages Woes

DEAR MAM: I read your recent post on Verizon Yellow Pages. I too have had enormous frustrations with their practices–how much things cost? When the deadlines occur? Errors in the ads? What should I do? Is there a person or department you suggest I contact with Verizon? SINCERELY YOURS, JB, Phoenix, AZ

DEAR JB: To be honest, I’m encouraging firms I work with to stop all Verizon Yellow Pages advertising, because of these types of issues. The reality, in my opinion, is that it is a dying entity. Besides the fact that there are numerous competitors (I do not know which book I keep in my own kitchen–Verizon or Yellow Book–myself), when I need to look something up, I go online anyway. And for one of my law firm clients, we have spent more time trying to resolve a dispute with Verizon this past year than we have on our own business development plan. The best bet is to simply cancel your listing all together. You can always go back later (regardless of “losing your spot in line” sales gimmickery). Perhaps, you will get a new manager or rep that can start you off fresh, or simply try some other marketing tools for a year or two and see how things net out. I have chosen to redirect some of the Verizon money to Yellow Book, simply to see if the product, services and results are any better. Please feel free to contact me privately for further information. Thanks for writing. I feel your pain. Sincerely yours, THE MARKETING ATTORNEY

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