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WMT: Law Firms Embrace Video for Online Marketing

In this month’s Web Marketing Today column, I discuss the uses and value of video as an Internet marketing tool for attorneys. Video provides both enhanced web content as well as improved search engine optimization results.

Among the things that have changed in video production over the last five years or so is the importance of making sure that the quality is there. Lawyers should not look like they are facetiming each other on an iPad. That is left for my kids harassing relatives with video chat. Getting seasoned professionals to produce, tape and edit is critical.

My column discusses the ABA Golden Gavel Video Awards, created by Infinite PR‘s Nicholas Gaffney. I also talk about web video marketing tools such as those developed by and an example of law firms moving often-stilted webinars to a polished video product. The use of video impacts every type of law practice. Brown Rudnick’s Charitable Foundation uses video to enhance the site for their Center for the Public Interest.

Of course, it would not be my take on video without pointing to my own humorous production from a few years back. If everyone loves it, then it is not really edgy or out-of-the-box. From Delaware corporate law to Carly Rae Jepsen, video has numerous uses in the law marketing toolbox. Some work better than others.

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