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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for fb-lpt-sm.pngIn advance of the fourth edition of the ABA’s New Partner Conference, Law Practice Today highlights the topic with an issue dedicated to the theme of new partners. With the New Year upon us, many new partners are taking their places at the management tables of law firms throughout the country. Yet many find themselves wondering what the new role brings with it. Many of the New Partner Conference speakers and planning board members have authored the articles that coincide with their respective program topics.

LPT issue editor and conference speaker Amy Drushal of Trenam Kemker in Tampa, Florida, authors Transitioning from Associate to Partner: What now? Yours truly, also a conference presenter, writes about the new partner’s role in marketing and business development. Kerri-Ann Bent and Vanessa Cotto write on the effects of mentoring on the duty to supervise.

Avvo honcho Mark Britton discusses the New Partner Cheese–taking lessons from “who moved my cheese” to the law firm board room. Justia’s Tim Stanley, with co-authors Ken Min Chan and David Kemp, writes about building great relationships online, focusing on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for fb-lpt-sm.pngThis month marks the first of our two annual “Young Lawyers Survival Guide” issues of Law Practice Today, developed in coordination with the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division. Thanks to issue editor Elizabeth Henslee for putting together an outstanding collection of articles designed with the young lawyer audience in mind–although almost all of the content is relevant to attorneys of all ages.

New to LPT this month are two rotating bimonthly features, including Professional Development (now rotating with Career Paths) and Diversity & Inclusion (rotating with Women Rainmakers). This month, Jennifer Bluestein writes about time management. Jen is the Director of Professional Development at Greenberg Traurig. She also serves as Chair of the Professional Development Consortium (PDC). LPT is working with the PDC to produce timely articles on PD. We also welcome a contribution from Aracely Munoz Petrich on watching the Supreme Court with apprehension. Aracely is the vice chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee of the ABA Law Practice Management Section. Professional development and diversity are becoming more and more significant in the day-to-day operations of a law firm. LPT’s editorial board recognizes that there is a demand and interest in more features relating to those important law practice management topics.

A renowned panel of experts from the academic world and law firm world participate in a roundtable discussion, moderated by Nicholas Gaffney of Infinite PR, on what law firms expect from new lawyers. Gaffney’s roundtable series appears a few times each year, and provides multiple perspectives on our monthly issue themes.

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for fb-lpt-sm.pngThank you to New York intellectual property attorney Richard Goldstein for serving as issue editor for this month’s Law Practice Today, focusing on collaboration. Rich has put together a great issue, with contributions from lawyers and non-lawyers providing perspectives on culture, partnerships and strategies to increase effective collaboration in the workplace. Ed Poll talks about work/life balance in the “management” feature. And Greg Fredette of Saturno Design pens the “marketing” feature on how to “go mobile,” with tips on capturing website traffic on the go. Dennis Kennedy takes it a step further with 13 mobile collaboration tips for 2013.

To read the January issue, click here.


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fb-lpt-sm.pngThe December issue of Law Practice Today begins with a tribute I authored to the memory of law professor and longtime ABA leader Gary Munneke. If you’ve been remotely involved in any aspect of law practice management over the last few decades, you know Gary. He was a pioneer in the field, a friend and mentor to thousands of lawyers, law students and anyone interested in the legal profession. If I’m talking to anyone in academia, in the New York or American Bar Associations, interested in alternative legal careers or any aspect of the business of law–I could always name-drop Gary, and get a welcoming smile and an anecdote of some sort. He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Thanksgiving morning. He will be missed–personally and professionally–by many. My deepest condolences go out to his wife Sharon, his children and grandchildren.

Many thanks to issue editor Allison Shields of Legal Ease Consulting, for putting together “A New Year’s Resolution: Time Management Tips,” including many great features on technology, marketing and finance.

To read the December issue, click here.

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fb-lpt-sm.pngThis is the time of year where I’m working with law firms on developing strategic marketing and business development plans (and budgets!) for 2013. As I said to one marketing partner yesterday, while we need to be fluid and creative, you still need an outline and parameters to be as effective as you’d like to be. It is with that thought in mind, as we enter the final “holiday” phase of the calendar year that this month’s LPT asked for contributions along that line.

Many thanks to Barbara Brown of Meagher & Geer in Minneapolis, MN for serving as the issue editor for the timely “Prepare your 2012 business development goals now” theme of this month’s Law Practice Today.

Among the excellent contributions are those from a number of my Philadelphia-centric colleagues. Nancy Gimbol of Eastburn & Gray (and a member of the LPT editorial board) discusses establishing a culture for marketing and business development in a mid-sized law firm. Amy Galie and Amanda Steinbach of big firm Fox Rothschild address big law issues in “Business Development – Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail.” Greg Stephens provides the managing partner view in “How to obtain and retain clients.” Thanks as well to this month’s feature contributors Allan Coleman, Greg Stephens, Steve Henning and David Freeman.

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sandy.jpgREAD the LPT Special Edition: Dealing with Disasters – Emergency Preparedness: A Joint Effort of the Law Practice Management Section and the ABA’s Special Committee on Disaster Response and Preparedness

With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on my backyard (in Southern New Jersey), it reminded me of an all-too-timely issue of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Today from last April. For the past two years, I have served as the special issue editor for the Law Practice Management section, working with George B. Huff, Jr., Special Advisor, Special Committee on Disaster Response and Preparedness.

The articles included the following timely subjects, which may be relevant in the days and weeks ahead:

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