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apps_image.jpgIn the July 23rd issue of The Legal Intelligencer, an American Lawyer Media publication, reporter Gina Passarella writes on the topic of “Deciding whether law firms should have an app for that.” Ms. Passarella quotes me extensively on the use and development of apps in the law firm marketplace.

The article discusses a recent app launched by Fox Rothschild family law attorneys Eric Solotoff and Eliana Baer, where they compare the launch of the iPhone-enabled app versus blogging and social media–as marketing tools. Another app example highlighted is that of West Virginia-based Spilman Thomas & Battle for labor & employment, and Cleveland-based Benesch Friedlander‘s recruiting app.

Some of the “original” law firm-launched apps include those from Delaware’s Potter Anderson and multiple apps from Morrison & Foerster. I will discuss the use and development of law firm apps in my August 2013 Web Marketing Today column. Every firm wants one now…it is a matter of whether it makes sense. But most importantly, do you have an app concept that truly benefits your target audience? Most think it is just cool. And it is. But it needs to make sense for the firm and the practice. Otherwise, use the money for a fancy lunch–and get something in return for the expenditure.

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Thumbnail image for 12-4-08-iphone-omnia.jpgIn this month’s Web Marketing Today column, I address the importance of having a proper mobile marketing plan to accompany your law firm’s Internet marketing efforts. Regardless of a law firm’s audience, practice groups, size or location–“mobile” is a critical component.

Some law firms are still at stage one–trying to get some sort of compatibility for an iPhone or Android device. Others have moved well past that toward development of applications that serve purposes ranging from “marketing” to uses for partner retreats, recruiting and access to files and billing.

The strategies, however, do differ based on a law firms’ audience and clientele. As is the case with a typical website–what you develop for a Baker McKenzie is going to differ from what you develop for Sokolove Law. Although as of today, a quick look at both of those websites on my Droid were not online presences built for mobile. This column features firms that built a solid online mobile presence. It also addresses related issues tied to SEO and online advertising considerations as well.