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E-Coffee with Experts – Micah talks Legal Marketing

E-Coffee series

E-Coffee with the Experts — Micah Buchdahl

I did not know Dawood Bukhari, Chief of Partnerships for Digital Web Solutions before he reached out to invite me to his E-Coffee with Experts series. I did my usual legwork—looked him up, the company, saw a nice YouTube page that housed the conversations. Watched a few. Thought it would be cool to get the animated head shot of myself (although I like to think of myself as being somewhat animated to begin with. I said, sure I’ll do it.

We traded a few Q&A emails that translated into our nearly 40-minute Zoom discussion. I talked about what makes law marketing different from other industries. Covered SEO and digital platforms, infographics, online legal directories (are there even offline ones anymore?), press releases, podcasts, and Google Local Ad services. I covered an area that lawyers have struggled with—dealing with negative feedback over the Internet. And had the opportunity to talk about how I got into law marketing in the first place, provide a little background and recap some of the experiences from the “early years” of Internet marketing (remember the late 90s?).

But what I certainly took advantage of as a marketer was the same thing that Dawood skillfully created—content marketing. It is the ultimate win-win. We both gain exposure for ourselves, our companies, our services—in my case, only needing a Zoom app on my iPad to create the video. The result is creating quality, informative content for both of our websites, blogs and social media channels—while “educating” rather than “advertising.”

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